Michael Benshish

Keyboardist (piano, organ, synth), composer, performer

Jazz Mass For The Masses

The “Jazz Mass for the Masses” is an ecumenical setting of the Catholic mass that incorporates jazz harmonies, and is meant for congregational participation, ideally led by a choir and a jazz ensemble.

The individual compositions within the Mass are scored for unison choir and soloist, unison choir and soprano descant, and SA choir. It’s easily accessible for most church choirs, and if you have available jazz musicians, a soulful soloist, and some accomplished sopranos up to the task of some intermediate descants, you’re ready to incorporate this in worship!

I am indebted to the following outstanding musicians who made this recording possible:

Doug Angelaccio (saxophones; all horn arrangements)

Gerald Bailey (trumpet)

Jeremy Benshish (drums & cymbals)

Simon Ciaccio (upright bass)

Casey Dahl (piano)

Maria Deguzman (solo on the “Gloria”)

Tim Koll (choir director)

Maria Deguzman, Kara Guizzetti, & Kim Wall (sopranos)

Susan Kuczera & Merridee Panico (altos)

The Chamber Choir of Conant High School in Hoffman Estates, IL